About this Site and Italian Culture

The main objective of this web page is to offer the reader a collection of posts, articles and pages about Italian culture all over the world. How Italians, like their Roman ancestors, have managed to conquer the world by means of promoting, extending and propagating their culture to the far reaches and regions of this world.

No matter which geographical point you find yourself in on this Earth, the truth is that there is bound to be at least a mere trace of Italian culture; even in the most recondite corner on the face of this planet. Let us take pizza for instance. Or “pizza pie”, as some prefer to refer to our 8 or 12 slice best friend, on those terrible hangover days. Have you ever been to a country or city where pizza is nonexistent? Or where there is no fake Italian restaurant or café, where, inextricably, the excruciatingly mellow voices of artists of the likes of Eros Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini or Andrea Bocelli sing softly in you ear in a whisper that causes your head to instantly submerge itself in a state of Venetian stupor? But fret not. We, too, have been there.

In any case, as mentioned before, the visitors to this web page will be able to find a wide array of posts that might shed some light on the subject of why Roman Imperialism, embodied by Italian culture has, once again, invaded the vastness of your as well as your grandma’s continent alike; or quite simply, what we talk about when we talk about Italian culture.